Pint Glass instead of Keg


My apologies if the answer for this is elsewhere in the forum (I looked)… Is there a way to use a generic picture of a pint glass that is configurable in color the same way that the default keg image is? The boss would rather see a glass than a keg on the digital menu. Otherwise, he really liked the concept of the digital menu system offers. Thank you for standing this system up!

–Tony G.
Lightning Brewery
Poway, CA


Great suggestion. I’m moving this to the “Feature Requests” category and will keep it open for tracking.


I had a similar thought and started down that path but got sidetracked by something shiny.

My thought was to have different glass styles (stange, weizen, pilsner, shaker, snifter, etc) but multiple copies of each style with the difference being the approximate SRM color filling the glass.

What would be REALLY cool is if we had a drop-down for glass style and the beer color was automatically filled in based on SRM, rather than having to manually create all of the combos and upload each image as needed.

This is a good start if you want to do it manually:


Totally great idea! I’m reconnecting with our artist as we speak — if you didn’t know, I don’t be have much talent for drawing things that aren’t code :slight_smile:

BTW, setting the SRM does automatically set keg color if none is set to override it; would definitely carry that over to other glassware.


This would be a cheap start point. Associate beer style to the most used glass type, then simply over lay the SRM into the empty glass.


In the meantime, I did a work around to get the glass type and color on the screen. I found this beer glass clip art From there, I cropped the glass I wanted in MS Word, increased the size, used the snipping tool to save a copy of the image as a png file. After that, I used to set the white as transparent, rescale the image, and used a SRM to RGB table to replace the color of the inside of the glass. Once you do it a couple of times, it is pretty quick to do. I have the SRM to RGB table if anyone would like it. The SRM to RGB table is quite long so not sure it would be appreciated or not to be to be pasted in this thread.


SRM to RGB table can be found in this thread…


I would like to see this as well


That’s a great idea. Tried adding pictures but they were different sizes and quality so a standard picture or two would keep it all looking uniform.