Photo Slide Show Support

This one may seem a little odd, but hear me out.

What I’m suggesting is a new theme/layout similar to Griddy 2.0, but instead of a 2x4 layout it would use a 1x4 layout so the left hand size is the usual look and scrolling as needed while the right side displays an image slide show. This could be used for promotional images, larger details of the featured taps or just rotating images for other purposes. The source for these images could be something as simple as coming from Imgur, Photobucket, etc. Options would include defining the source album and delay time.

Depending on how the layout ratio/sizes work out you might be able to keep the 1-4 on the left and #5 listing on the top right with the photos under #5. Example -

That’s a useful-sounding idea! I’ll keep it in mind.

Something else I’ve considered supporting is a simpler variation of this: add full-screen images to the rotation. You could then accomplish this with two displays :slight_smile:

One other sort of catch-all way we could support exactly what you have in mind is with custom themes. That would allow you to build any sort of layout you want, including the example mock you shared.

Thanks again for the idea!