Par levels for Keg Room

I promise I’m not trying to be needy, but this just popped into my mind.

Maybe a par level for inventory that you can set with beverages. I envision that you would go into the beverage database, find your flagships and set a part level there. So that when you get down to that par level in the keg room, you get a notification email or text message that says you need to brew more of this beer, or it just gives you an update on current levels. For us, sometimes taproom and production communication isn’t the best, and this would be a passive way for us to make sure we never run out of a popular beer.

Austin, on the contrary, keep 'em coming! Feature requests and ideas are exactly what the forums are for! :slight_smile:

(Also, as I made the decision long ago to serve both pro’s and hombrewers, I think it’s a little fun for each side to learn a bit from the other, passively through exposure like this…)

Interesting! One thing our data model has done “under the hood” since the beginning is tracking of per-keg volume, which can be set manually or through the API. So I think your idea would be a small extension of this - fire off notifications when a threshold is passed. A couple of follow-up questions:

  • Would you ideally set a “default” par level globally, then override per beverage?
    • Example, default par level is ≤ 1 gal, but for the Iced Coffee beverage it is ≤ 5 gal
  • My expectation is this level would be applied to the net of all inventory for that beverage, not just the keg - can you think of any situations where this wouldn’t be true?
    • Example, there are two kegs of lager left, one with 0.5 gal and one full. The alert does not fire, since par level is 16 gal net across all kegs


For our use we deal more with whole kegs as opposed to gallons.

I like the idea of a global default par level. Many of the beers we brew are one-off’s so that when they are out they are out, but with our flagships we do multiple turns to have a lot of inventory. We run into trouble when we have a distro pick up, an event, and a busy weekend, and then a full keg cooler quickly looks empty when we come back on Tuesday.

I think the gallons feature would also be useful for homebrewers and the like as they are dealing with smaller volumes.