Only 12 beers on tap display

No matter what theme I choose I can only display 12 taps. Even when “Taps per page” is set to 16. I need to display 24 taps. Can this be done? Thanks,

Some themes work differently with respect to auto-scaling; and some settings will cause each item to take up more/less space.

Could you try giving the Flex theme a shot? It can definitely support 24 taps (and more). And if there is something about the way it works/looks that isn’t quite what you want, we’re in active beta (i.e. it’s a good time for us to make changes).

More here:

Still no luck. I have 16 beers connected in the keg room and still only see 12 on the screen. Thanks.

Never mind. I had to pin more kegs/add to menu. Just had to play with it more. Ha.