On Deck Not Displaying

So I’m having some trouble with the Show On Deck feature.

I believe I have all the settings correct but it is not displaying on my display (I’m using the web-browser in chrome via the URL on a laptop)

Am I doing something wrong or is this feature not available on desktop?

Doh! You’re not doing anything wrong - this is a bug. Shall fix!

No problem, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t user error. Also, when I moved that keg from my database to available/on deck the description from the database didn’t come with it. Does that have to do with the new public/private descriptions? Is it because I created this beverage before I that functionality?

Hey gang! Sorry for the delays on this. Good news, this is fixed, On Deck kegs will display at the end of your taplist (provided the Show On Deck Kegs setting is enabled, which is the default).


My on deck kegs don’t change color to match the SRM. Just the tapped ones.