Next Release?


Hey Mikey,

Many of us are patiently (and anxiously) awaiting the next release of Could you give us a hint as to what might be included in the next release and when we might see it?

Will the next release include the paid subscription model?

Will the next release include any of the top vote-getting Feature Requests?

On behalf of the entire Community, we certainly appreciate your efforts.


Is it possible to add flow meters?

Hey Joe! Thanks for the question; I do appreciate the enthusiasm.

While I am not prepared to promise exactly when, I can say a bit more clearly the what: The next major release will include:

  • Multi venue support
  • API access
  • Theme editing
  • Subscription tiers gating some of these things (and paying the mounting bills!)

Of course, have to hold a few things back on this list so as not to spoil a surprise, but suffice it to say, the general goal is to economically support the project while keeping if not improving it as something the vast majority of folks will continue to use and enjoy!

Expect more on this in the next 1-2 months, maybe sooner. Cheers!