NEW: Run on Chromecast with Google TV

If you have a Chromecast with Google TV device (picture below), you can now run the Taplist.iop app on it!


  1. Visit this link:
  2. Press the “install” button. You should see your Chromecast with Google TV as an install target.
  3. Open up the app on the device & follow the instructions.

If you do give it a try, I’d love to hear your feedback. Like our app on Fire TV, it should “just work”.

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Will it auto-launch the app on the screen when it is turned on??

We do have support for auto-relaunch in the app, yes - works just like (and is coded the same way) as the Fire TV app.

However, there is a slight caveat, as we’ve seen this mechanism is not 100% reliable; it may be that Google limits it on that device. Or it may be an isolated issue. What would help is a few more folks using this device, since the more real-world usage it gets, the more we can understand if there are any device-specific quirks, areas we can improve, etc