New integration! Brewfather: Import recipes and batches

Closing the loop: Imported beverages now use the batch’s estimated og, fg, ibu, and measured abv, when available.

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Wondering about batches in the ‘Added’ section of Brewfather. I brew with a friend so half of my beers are not imported as batches and just in the added section, but manual sync doesn’t pull these recipes in, any way to make this happen?

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but when I update my kegs with a Brewfather sync, it empties my «On tap» and I have to manually put all of them back on.

I’m having the same issue. And it seems manual is the only way to sync. Everything but planned and archived is set to sync to on deck.

Any news on the issue with clearing the menu on a sync?

[I apologize for missing this issue. Will look for better ways to make sure forum-reported issues/bugs reach the right eyes.]

I can confirm this as a bug. We’ve got it reproduced and have a fix identified. We should be able to get this out in our next scheduled maintenance release on monday.

In related news, we just heard from Thomas @ Brewfather yesterday that a long-awaited API is now available, which will make it possible for us to auto-sync ~instantly from Brewfather. Won’t make Monday’s release - but this integration is getting some fresh love. Stay tuned!

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This should now be fixed.

Specifically, if you had a Brewfather source configured to be imported as “On deck”, and had (1) already imported that batch, and (2) had moved the keg out of on deck, the bug would always move the keg back to on deck. This behavior is now fixed and kegs will only be moved to “on deck” the very first time they are imported.

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