New integration! Brewfather: Import recipes and batches

Subscribers can now try out a new feature: API Integration with Brewfather!

What it does

  • Press a button to synchronize all active batches from your Brewfather account to “On Deck”
    • A beverage and keg will be automatically created

How to try it out

  1. Visit the new Integrations section of account settings
  2. Add your Brewfather API username and API key
    • To get a Brewfather API key, visit Brewfather Settings, then tap “Generate API-Key”
    • Important: Authorize the key for “read batches” and “read recipes”. You will need to regenerate your API key if you don’t do this.
  3. Click “Save”, then click “Sync now”

Reporting feedback

This is an extremely early feature. I’m sure there’s lots it could be doing better, but I could use feedback from more savvy Brewfather users. Let your imagination run wild and report any issues and ideas here!

Known issues & coming soon

I’ll keep this section updated with known issues.

  • Sync is not automatic (you have to press the ‘Sync’ button)
  • Updates to recipes do not update the Beverage
  • Images in Brewfather are not synchronized
  • No “Recipes” import integration outside of batches (coming soon)



I missed an important step in the instructions, reposting here:

Important: Authorize the key for “read batches” and “read recipes”. You will need to regenerate your API key if you don’t do this.

I use Brewfather exclusively and am an active tester for it. I also have Plaato’s.

Does the Hobby Plan include this feature?
Do I use the brewfather Plaato integration or the direct Plaato?

I get an error when clicking on integrations button

We’re sorry — something’s gone wrong.

Our team has been notified, but click here fill out a report.

There is no click here on the report available.

@pliable.moose.brewin thanks for the heads up! We were experiencing errors on this page for quite a few folks. The issue should now be resolved; would you mind trying again? Cheers…

works thanks. few quirks but functional sync.

Thanks everyone for testing things so far!

We’ve filed a feature request with the kind folks at Brewfather, which would make sync happen much more automatically. (Basically, send us a webhook when a batch changes).

In the meantime, we’ll be investing a bit more in this feature & make it at least easier to trigger and manage a manual sync. Keep the feedback coming, cheers!

Update: We’ve updated this integration to work a bit more reliably. We’ve also written a short setup guide, which you can find here:


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Any chance of having an option to use the Batch Name vs the Recipe name? I typically name my recipes either something super basic or based on the original clone name, and would like to show the Batch name instead of the original recipe name, or just the ability to edit a kegs name once it’s loaded.

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I can make that happen! Should be pretty straightforward, hang tight…


Works great! I love it.

Is there a way to integrate the batches informations to the keg it generates (ABV, gravity, etc.)?
So when I send a keg to conditionning in Brewfather and it appears in the On Deck page, it already has this info from the batch, which might differ a little from the recipe depending on how things went with the brewing.

I’m all ears for ways to make this better! How it works today:

  • Recipe in Brewfather → becomes a Beverage in
  • Batch in Brewfather → becomes a Keg in

All beverage data is sync’d from the recipe. So when creating a batch, we create or update (as appropriate) the underlying Beverage, corresponding to its Brewfather recipe. Net-net, we’re not storing any batch-specific information outside of the beverage.

A couple options I see, I would love your feedback:

  • We could add an option so that each batch creates its own Beverage.
    • Variations between batches would be stored in full fidelity, as beverages (eg “Zombie Dust Clone, Batch 2 - June 2021” vs “Zombie Dust Clone, Batch 3 - July 2021”)
    • On the other hand, this could get a bit cluttered.
  • We could allow kegs to override certain fields of their Beverages.
    • There’s already an example of this - description, which (when set) takes precedence over the beverage’s description; we would add ABV, etc.
  • Some other option I’m not yet seeing!

Your thoughts?

I think the second option is better. Having a recipe for each would make the beverage list unmanageable. And for some brewers with great consistancy, it would be useless.

Have the keg override certain fields makes more sense to me. Normally, type of beer would stay the same as the info in the recipe, as well as description.

ABV, gravity and color could be based on batch instead of recipe.

great integration. not that i use brewfather but the concept is good and now that beersmith has a web version probably to contend with brewfather hopefully something similar can come of that ! Cheers

Thanks for the feedback!

We’re preparing an update to this integration to address some of the suggestions upthread. Here is a sneak peak:

Please shout if you have any suggestions or feedback!


Maybe I am missing it bur for some reason my ABV is not coming through from Brewfather. I can set it manually and it will display. OG and FG are coming in but not ABV

I can confirm this is an issue on our side - we’re rolling out a fix right now!

Brewfather assigns a sequential Batch Number when a recipe is brewed. It would be nice if this batch number could be optionally displayed as a part of the data on a beer.

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We’ll get that supported in this next release!

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I’m definitely looking forward to this enhancement – I’m waiting to enable my Brewfather integration until this is ready! My plan is to leave “Import all recipes” unchecked and then just import Planned/Brewing/Fermenting batches.