New integration! Brewer's Friend: Import recipes and brew sessions

We’ve got a new integration for Homebrewers: Brewer’s Friend!

Here’s a short guide on how to give it a spin:

Visit the Integrations Page to jump right in. As usual, feedback and bug reports are much appreciated - just reply here. Cheers!

This is great. Updated to Hobbyist because of this (and the fact that you lowered the cost of hobby). Well done. It even brings in the Descriptions!

Photos, ABV and IBU don’t seem to pull in. Can you fix this?

Hey awesome! Welcome back, @frodus17! And thank you for that feedback - your earlier feedback played a role here too :slight_smile:

I’m super happy to be focusing on delivering more value for homebrewers. This is in no small part due to corona - a lot more new homebrewers these days than new bar openings…

Thanks for the integration feedback - IBU and ABV does sound like a bug; I should be able to get images syncing too. Stay tuned here!

Glad it was helpful even if just a little bit. Both apps have a lot of similar feature and it really makes sense to bring them together! If you have things you want me to try out, let me know. I get notifications and would be happy to help test. The Beer name, Brewer name, beer style and description all come in fine for me.

A couple things I found (and you may find similar issues with the ABV and IBU):

  • SRM truncates. My SRM is 5.91 on a recipe for instance, but shows in as 5. Not a huge deal, but maybe rounding up would be better?

  • FG and OG rounds to the nearest 100th, but displays to the 1000th.

  • Ratings of the beer don’t come through, but I don’t know if that was intended or not. I can’t see them with the Dense theme.

  • Pricing doesn’t seem to come through, but I don’t know if that was intended or not. I can’t see them with the Dense theme.

  • Calories/carbs could be fun to bring in

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Excellent, thanks for all those finds! We should have most addressed in the next few days - I will post here.

By the way, we have a thread over on BF now too!

You’re welcome. Thanks for looking into them, I think the integration is great. I imported all 8 of my recipes, and created a keg, then hooked to a tap. It’s so simple and easy. Much thanks.

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Update! The following issues are fixed:

  • SRM truncates
  • FG and OG rounds to the nearest 100th
  • ABV missing

Still working on pulling in photos. And we may need an upstream API change for calories/carbs info.

This is great Mikey. I will re import and test.

Looking awesome, great work!

ABV comes in perfectly and doesn’t truncate/round.
OG and FG come in perfectly and doesn’t truncate/round.

The IBU doesn’t import for me still.

The SRM, however, is a drop down. And I think since you have it come in as a number with decimals, there’s no drop down and none is imported. i.e. SRM for me on one is 13.05. No SRM is imported.

I did a re-sync, and IBU and SRM don’t come in still.

Also, on an existing beverage, if I re-sync, it won’t overwrite the old values, even if they’re blank.

Wanted to check in. The IBU and SRM still don’t come in. The SRM, since they’re whole numbers from a drop down, don’t come in. IBU never came in for me.