New: Improved behavior for desktop and mobile browsers

Previously, when you visited your URL from a desktop or mobile browser you would get the TV theme rendered with all customizations — with varying degrees of success, depending on the density of your display and theme. Sometimes, the end result would be pretty hard to read and use.

Now, the site will render a more generic, browser-friendly version of your tap list that should look good across a wide variety of browsers. Here’s an example:

Advanced note: If you are using a generic browser to present your list on TV or similar device, this change will alter what that browser renders. To continue showing the TV-stylized theme, migrate to a Display by following this HOWTO.


Awesome, Mikey!
I don’t really know if it’s related but my taplist URL is down at the moment.

Hi @fernando – very sorry for the trouble. Ordinarily, an error like this would alert us, but due to a second problem we did not see it. The issue is now fixed!

Thanks a lot, Mikey. Still there’s another issue now. When i adjust the “look and feel” section everything works fine, but when i go to the real page it shows without header and other visual styles.

And while we´re into it, i´m not being able to retrieve any brews from untappd since then. Is it relatad to the previous bug? Thanks a lot for your attention, @mikey.

Hey, Mikey, any news?

Hey @fernando - unfortunately, we do not have an agreement with Untappd to use their data. Out of respect for the great team there, we’ve had to remove that functionality until we can find something that works, but I’m hopeful.

Regarding the look and feel issues, please check out the following post/thread: Saving "Look and Feel" doesn't update display

Definitely chime in with your feedback there, as we will consider revising these changes to work better.

PS - I was in Belo Horizonte last week for a wedding, but didn’t manage to make it to RJ on that trip. Would have been fun to say “hi” - next time!

Jesus, really? BH it’s close but not that close from Rio, what a shame. Next time please, do come and visit us, the first round it’s on the house. :slight_smile:

And thanks for the clarification, i’ll look into that other post.