New feature: Set your "default producer"

You can now designate a beverage producer as your “default producer”. When set, two features activate:

  1. Autofill. When you create a new beverage, the default producer will be selected by default.
  2. Producer name hidden on menus. The producer name will not be shown on TV and Web menus, when it is your default producer.
    • Other producers names (e.g. guest brews) will continue to show as usual.

You can give this feature a try right now, by visiting your beverage database:

You can read more about the feature here:

As with all new features, please share any feedback or questions here as we roll this out! Cheers!

EDIT: We’ve temporarily rolled this back while investigating a related issue. If you don’t see the feature, it will be back soon.

Hello, I can no longer add new beers or producers. When I try it tells me I need to set a beverage name and a producer even though I already have.

This seemed to be fine at 8pm UK time last night.

Is this fallout from the new feature perhaps?


Issue confirmed - we are seeing sporadic validation failures like the one you shared for some customers.

We’ve rolled back this release while we investigate - my apologies for the trouble.