New feature: QR Code for your menu

Small new feature rolled out today: Grab a QR code for your menu!

You can find it in Web Settings, under the QR Code tab.


QR feature is awesome!

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This is COOL!!! I’m about to make a sticker of mine and put it on the fridge!!



Is it possible to get a higher resolution .png file for the QR code?

Done! We’ve now got a size picker, and you can also pick colors and dot styles. Check out my wacky ketchup-and-mustard QR code:

That’s Fantastic, Thank You. Love all the choices.

This is a very cool enhancement - does it require a paid plan? I am currently playing around with the free plan. When I scan the QR code I do not see my taplist.

Nope, this feature is available on all plans. I just gave yours a try and it takes me to your web menu. Maybe a goof of some sort with camera/browser app…?

Nailed it - works on everyone else’s phone but mine - go figure.

Thank you.