New Feature: Different settings for different TVs

This one has been a long time coming: We’re rolling out support for customizing different display settings on different TVs! Here’s how it looks in the displays dashboard:


In the example above, you can see the two TVs use different headers, backgrounds, and layout options.

When you click Edit appearance, you’ll edit the display settings just for that TV. You can use this option to change the header, background, or any other TV appearance settings.

Want to use the settings on all TVs? We’ve added a “Copy settings from…” button so you can easily configure TVs to look the same. (This replaces the previous “default appearance settings” functionality, which we are gradually deprecating.)

How to use

Just visit the displays dashboard and look for the “edit appearance” button.

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Exactly what I’ve been waiting for, thank you!

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Glad to hear it, @jhanson02! If you devise a look you like, feel free to snap a pic and share it here - it’s always fun to see the different approaches people have built.