New feature: Custom glassware images

Alright everybody, I’ve got great news: This thread is the top-requested feature for… and it is now shipped!!

How it works

From On Tap, click Configure Tap. You’ll see a new option to choose how the tap is rendered:

Select Show as Glassware to render a pint glass instead of a keg.

But wait, there’s more!

Is a shaker pint too pedestrian for you?

Would your beer snob patrons scoff at anything but a Willi Becher for that malt-forward Munich-brewed lager?

Fear not! You can customize the glassware for any beverage from the Advanced settings beverage editor:

And you’ve that right: the glass’s fluid color will change according to your beverage, just like the kegs do.

What’s next?

There’s one improvement we haven’t launched yet, which is the ability to set a default glass type for a beverage style. This way, you don’t have to edit every single beverage. Watch this space - coming soon!

Now go ahead. Buy yourself a Boot and a Yard. You know your bar needs it…


Forgot to attach a shot of an ensemble:

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Great feature! When I change my images to glassware the colors are all identical as if it lost the SRM value. Am I doing something wrong?

When I change my images to glassware the colors are all identical as if it lost the SRM value. Am I doing something wrong?

Whoops! It looks like our shaker pint glassware (the default) isn’t picking up the brew colors. We’ve changed the default to a tulip pint as a temporary workaround - should look better now!

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Just started trying this out and I really like it so far! One thing noticed is that if it’s not a beer then you can’t select the glassware option…I’m pretty sure at least.

Good catch! We’ll be rolling this out to all beverage types in the next day or so (along with an easier interface for managing them).

This is awesome!

One thing I found, is that it shows on the “display” I’ve set up, but not in the web view.

I too can confirm the web view is not showing glassware.

This is now fixed! Thanks for the reports.

I may have missed it, but is there a way to have the “On Deck” also display the glass rather than the keg? By the way, I didn’t think I would want to switch to glasses because I love the Plaato keg levels, but the glasses look great!

Just remembered about this post! :slight_smile:

Hey Mikey! We continue to love your softwre around here and thanks for keeping it fresh with new options. In that spirit, can you add a Spiegelau IPA Glass? Thanks!

I think I can make that happen!

Anyone got other glassware types on their wishlist while we’re at it?

Happy Friday! Two new glassware types have rolled out to prod:

  • Spiegelau IPA - thanks for being an awesome customer, Kevin!
  • Mason Mug - nobody asked, but I do have several on my shelf. Why not!

Have a great weekend!


Nice additions Mikey. Any chance you can set these up to show remaining level in keg as an indicator of what’s left in the glass?

No plans right now to do that - we did a little test and thought it just didn’t look quite right. However I’ll look for an alternative indicator we could add to show level.

Interesting. Maybe an option in the future to show remaining %? That might be nice if a user wants to use a glass but still show remaining amount in the keg? I like the look of the keg showing remaining amount, but it might be nice having a textual indicator in addition to that… or in the event I want to use glassware.

I’m not able to see how to change the glass type. I’ve looked everywhere for this option.

beverage database > advanced options

There’s no option to select the glass type. I chose it before, but now it seems to be missing. Can you confirm the option to change the glass type still exists?

Thank you,

Hey there! Yes, it still exists; we just tucked it under the “Custom” option which you’ll need to select first:

Ahh! Found it! Thank you Mikey.


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