NEW: Connect a Plaato Keg to (beta)

If you own a Plaato Keg, you can now try connecting it to your account!

When integrated, your keg volumes will be automatically synchronized, and your keg illustrations will reflect that. Here’s an example:

Note: This integration is in beta and may change without warning. This integration is currently available for subscribers only.

How to integrate your Plaato Keg with

Just follow these steps:

  1. Request your auth token(s) from Plaato. Follow instructions here to request your auth tokens from Plaato. You will receive 1 token for every Plaato Keg device you own.
    • It would be awesome if you mention when requesting, so the Plaato folks can keep track of demand.
  2. Configure your tap(s). From the On Tap section of the dashboard, select Configure tap for the tap you want to link to Plaato. Under Advanced settings, paste your API key and click Update.
  3. That’s it! Your keg volumes will be periodically scanned and updated in the UI.

Known issues and limitations

Known issues and limitations for this integration will be posted below.

  • Slow refresh: Because the Plaato API does not currently support streaming updates, we are only able to update keg status on an interval. Currently we check for updates every 10 minutes, although this may change without notice.
  • Volume synchronization only: The integration does not currently support synchronizing metadata (like beverage names) between Plaato and

Please chime in here if you try the feature. Bonus points for screenshots or pictures if you’re happy with it :slight_smile:

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Nice work Mikey! Works great, now I just need to empty some fermenters!


Nice Work! Love it!

Thank you Mike! Works well and is awesome. image