New app released: v1.1.2


Hi folks!

A new version of the Android / FireTV app has been released through the Amazon App Store: Version 1.1.2

There’s not all that much exciting about this release, compared to v1.1.0 which was released in November (yes, we skipped v1.1.1). This new version includes minor bugfixes and better error messages when the app is having trouble connecting. It also includes some extra diagnostic features that may help debug a broken display (doesn’t happen often, but there just in case).

Judging from server logs, most displays have already automatically updated. As usual, shout if you experience any trouble. Thanks!


I’m getting the old issue of pages rendering incorrectly. The issue is that page 1 shows 6 taps, then page 2 shows only 4 taps , and page 3 shows 5 taps. I never did track down a specific cause, but in this instance rebooting the app did not change the display. I used to have to modify the zoom level to force a new render, and that usually works. But I havn’t had this issue since the 1.1.0 version came out, and now I do. This could still be due to long beer names or descriptions, but for some reason I can’t get it to display correctly at all at the moment. Not a terrible issue, but its odd.