New app release: v1.0.6

A new version of the app is making its way through the Amazon app store. If you installed that way, you should get the update automatically.

If you’ve sideloaded the app, you can find the APK at the bottom of this post. This is a bugfix-only release, containing one significant change.

Watchdog mode: Last month, a handful of users experienced a display outage. What happened was our backend broke rendering momentarily, right as a few displays were instructed to auto-reload. The affected displays saw a “blank” tap list until their owner reloaded them. This is obviously a very bad failure, we never want your display to look bad in public!

The new version of the app contains a watchdog that periodically checks whether the display has rendered correctly. If it isn’t rendering, the app initiates the refresh sequence, re-connecting to the backend. Note that this only monitors rendering: it’s perfectly fine for your connection to be down.

Report a bug: You can now manually send a bug report to our backend. Just press the menu button (or long press the dpad center button) to bring up the developer menu. I don’t expect this to be common, but it could help us troubleshoot a system in the future. There’s not currently any way to add comments, but the report that is sent will contain your display id to help us troubleshoot.

As usual, send along any problems or ideas here. Thanks!

TaplistViewer-v106.apk (2.5 MB)

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Update: The new app version is now live in the app store!