New Android app released: v1.1.3

A new release of the app is hitting the app store. This update includes small reliability improvements.

As usual, if you installed through an App Store, your device should be updated automatically. If you side-loaded, the APK is attached below.

TaplistViewer-v113.apk (2.8 MB)

Do you have the Play store link? I can’t seem to find it.

Is there an IOS app as well? I searched in the forum but couldn’t see it mentioned. Thanks

Hey Ron! Ah we generally only post it to the Amazon store. I can get it listed on Play, may take a few days.

I’m curious what kind of device you’ll be using it on…?

Sorry, not currently! We are working on one aimed at iPad and AppleTV, but it’s probably going to be a month or two.

I’ll be using a Pixel 2XL

Ok thank you for the update!

Looking forward to see it on google play​:+1: (non amazon countries, need a different solution) :blush:

Update! We’ve got an alpha release ready in the Google Play store for testing.

If you’d like to help out, PM me with your preferred gmail address (which is a requirement from Google) and I can add you to the tester list.

Hi Mikey,

I got the link and installed. It won’t let me add a screen because of my subscription. I thought I was already supporting the app. Let me know.