Need a few Fire TV app beta testers

Looking for a few folks to join a beta test group for the Fire TV app. To qualify, you should:

  • Be using a Fire TV device (i.e. got the app through the app store)
  • Have display regularly online with it
  • Be willing to provide feedback on anything good/bad you experience

Beta testers will get the latest app updates anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before general release.

If you’re an old timer here, you probably know the app doesn’t change all the often. That’s still going to be the case! This probably won’t be all that exciting, as most updates will be about increasing speed or reliability (not a whole lot of features in the app). However you’ll help make sure we keep things rock solid.

If you’re interested, please shoot me a DM with the email address you use with Amazon, and venue URL. You’ll get an email with instructions when a beta build is available. Thanks much!

Looks like I haven’t checked the forum in a while. I’m definitely interested, especially since I run all my displays on Fire Sticks, and I have a permanent display at home to make sure my signage is working properly even when I’m away from the pub. I’ll DM you

how do i send you a dm

Just hover over anyone’s name and press “Message”

PS: Still looking for a handful of testers (thanks @midtown for the help thus far!) to try a pre-release of the next version of the app. Please DM me if you are willing and able to give it a whirl.

A new feature in v1.1.0 is auto-restore: If your display loses power, the app will automatically restart upon boot. One less reason to mess around with your tvs…

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never could send you pmif still testing ill help

Hey thanks for volunteering - the new version was released a while back, so there’s nothing to test! Will let you know next time.