My first taplist - Gold Rush Cantina at Rancho Nipomo BBQ

My name is David Snyder. I’m a graphic designer located on the Central Coast of California. My favorite watering hole, Rancho Nipomo BBQ, was lacking a taplist that would be easy for the staff to update their 28 taps. I designed the concept and showed it to Richie, the owner. He loved it! We will be installing soon.

The taplist app has more bells and whistles than I need for this project, which is a good thing. I am already thinking of a few other locations where the taplist app would really work well. It is really an easy-to-use app. Thank you guys!

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That’s a lot of taps! How many per page, and how many screens will be going in. Got screenshots yet?

Just one screen. Owner is getting a 40" that will fit to the right of all the taps. I’ve tried different layouts. The setting that seems to work the best is 10 taps at 15 seconds. I’ve attached the 3 screens that should rotate.

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Great job, David! Obviously, you’re way more skilled at using taplist than I am. I really like the tap list you set up. How did you get that top portion to look like that?

Yeah, we have 15 taps and I do six per page since I’m using the keg and logo graphics. Also on about a 15 second rotation. Nice header btw!

I created a jpg file that is 8.425" wide by 8.3 tall". Then I uploaded it into the header. If you need help with something like that, let me know.

Correction, the size is 8.425 x .83

best to go by pixel count. since it is optimized for HD TVs the width should be 1920 px. I can’t recall the height off the top of my head, but it took a few tries to narrow it down.

I’m coming up with 1920 px x 190 px

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Something’s not right, and it may be only on the app on my smart phone. I’ve got 28 taps with a maximum of 10 per screen, so it’s 10 - 10 - 8. But now, the first screen isn’t in the rotation at all. Should I be concerned? I’m still waiting for the owner to install the screen we’ll be using at the venue. The list on my computer is still complete and working. Suggestions?

If it looks good in “Look and Feel” settings, that’s generally the same size and layout you’ll see on a tv - a phone-sized screen running the app may be very different. Probably just the phone.

Having said that, definitely check back in if things aren’t looking right on a stick or other 1080p device, once you get it going!

I’ll give it a try. Lately I’ve been quite busy, but will try to get back to it soon. Thanks for offering to help me with the header. I may need may need your help. If I do, I’ll let you know.

The owner hasn’t bought the screen yet for taplist, but he has told me he is going to go with at least a 50" screen. I’ve already edited the list a couple of times due to brew changes. The app on my Samsung smart phone is still missing the first page of the rotation, but the look and feel on my home computer still has everything working right. Hopefully, everything will work itself out.

I’ve loaded the app onto a Firestick and am testing it at home on my office TV. It looks great! The owner is having the screen installed this week.

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