Multiple TVs - Screens, Reliability,

Hey There,

I couldn’t find this in the forum, does the app support multiple screens? would i need a fire TV stick for each TV?

Also, how reliable is the app? did it stop working for anyone in the last six months. I wouldn’t want the screens to stop working at any point.

How many beers could i list on one screen? we thought about hanging 3 or 4 TVs, we have 50 Taps.


I have the same question about multiple TVs and if we need a separate stick for each tv or not.

We have used the stick for several days, what we found is that you can list as many beers as you like but then the list shows on multiple pages which scrolls through at a preselected time interval. But we will be removing our beer descriptions so that our menu of 8 beers doesn’t show up on 3 pages. We believe once we remove that the beer list will fit on 1 page.

I have been using the fireTV app in my restaurant for about 9 months now. You need one stick per TV. I have one screen which rotates between 3 pages to display our 15 taps, we previously had 8 taps per page,but 6 taps per page is more readable. I have this rotating display in two rooms,but you can assign just certain taps to a screen instead. I have only had issues twice that were on the taplist side,one was a server downtime,and one was update related. Other issues were due to our own internet troubles. They have better than 99% uptime


How do you assign certain taps to a certain screen? Not seeing that option anymore?

Hi Austin: With the launch of our new, multi-section menu editor some months ago, the way to do this has changed. Fortunately it is still quite well supported and popular. See guide here: