Midtown Turns 2!

Hey everyone! I’m excited to share with you that Midtown has cleared the dangerous 2 year mark for startup restaurants! We’ve been using Taplist.io for the last year, and I wanted to share some data with everyone!

Since starting with Taplist.io we have put on 199 unique beers and ciders by over 100 different producers.
We have 15 taps, of which 10 rotate constantly. At this rate we’re offering 1 completely new beer every other day or so, and that is ignoring some of the beers we’ve had on multiple times.

Managing this database has been time consuming, but ultimately worth it since I have had full control over our displays, from logos to descriptions, etc. I know a lot of people here are running displays for homebrew or man caves, etc. But this has been a lot of fun making use of the system in a professional environment, and the bottom line being essentially 0 keeps my boss happy. So, anyone else have a massive Beverage DB they want to share?

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That’s super awesome! Thanks for sharing, really cool to see how we’ve grown together.

I haven’t checked the numbers but I definitely think you might be up there, at least in the top 10%, of databases. I am not sure they are on the forum but the folks over at the Bronx Beer Hall (https://taplist.io/bronxbeerhall) might have you slightly beat. Maybe I’ll nudge 'em to stop by and say hi here and see how they measure up ;)…

Awesome! We’re looking at adding 2 more taps to one of our towers, and then three more taps on another 2 door True cooler. I would love to hit the 20 tap point for sure! Also we want to have craft Root Beer and ginger ale on, maybe even Kombucha(i don’t get it, but people ask) so we’ll keep growing too!