Menu Section Headers Displays

Any chance this is on the road map? Seems like it would be a homerun to implement this?? Would give a lot of flexibility for bottles cans upcoming beers and be able to have a nice section header between them.

Hey Jay! You’re definitely right, it’s a “no brainer” now that we support all sorts of custom sections.

And… it’s on the way! Check out a sneak peak here:

(We’re waiting until after the holidays for our next big release, just as a precaution.)


OH MAN THATS EXCITING!!! Roll it out!!!

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Hahaha… Real soon now!!

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Where is this??? Did this fall off?

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This is now available to all subscribers! Look for Sectional in the TV theme picker. Thanks for the nudge.

(You may need to reload your browser window to see it as available)

Awesome I was just messing with it a bit. Any chance you can just add the ability to the dense theme? The new theme you made makes sense but the way I use my tap board I like everything portrait centered down the middle.

Or could you just add portrait mode to the sectional one and instead of default 2 columns just have it run straight down? That would be soooooo dope!!!

Anything new on this???

Hey has this one off the road map? Looks awesome