Making a new Tap

What happened to the option to create a new blank tap? I currently can tap 10 kegs at any given time and currently have 8. However, the Add Tap option that was there previously has disappeared.


There was a tap number restriction added not long ago. The current limit is now set to 4 taps.

Sorry about that; as mentioned in a similar thread, it’s a temporary (but admittedly incomplete) limitation to prevent things from growing too much. I’m happy to bump up taps as needed in the interim, just ping me!

Hi There,

I see from some of the screenshots here that people have more than 4 taps; however, I’m not able to add more as it says it is not allowed during Beta. Is there anyway to get that limit increased for my account? We have 6 taps setup, and it’d be great to get them all listed. I actually bought the Fire TV stick and got this all setup in our office based off the images here, not realizing it had since been limited.

Sorry about that! It’s a temporary limitation but not fully baked; I’ll bump your account up a few more.

Just wanted to say thanks, appreciate that!