Make better use of space

Using the 1x2 grid with images and very little text, everything seems “high and tight” on the display and it feels like there’s just a bit too much empty space both between beers and at the bottom of the screen. I’d expect the images to take the full width of the container and each of the two divs to be vertically aligned to the viewport center.

The text is too small to be read from 10’. Maybe there’s a way to dynamically change the font size based on the available vertical space in the display without squishing the hero image?

I know this is like 5 months late but just my 2 cents work around but I ran into the same problem. If you’re displaying on a computer (I use an older media center PC and a monitor attached to my kegerator w/ magnets) and I was able to get around it by simply putting Chrome in to fullscreen mode and bumping the zoom until things seemed to fit better.