Logos For Bottles and Cans

I am using Firestick app and added a bottles and cans section to my menu. I have it showing logos for my kegs, but it won’t show the logos for any bottles or cans I add. Am I just doing something wrong or is there not a way to do this?

Looking into this! It definitely is meant to be supported, stay tuned…

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Hey Mikey, I think I also have this or a very similar issue. When I add a new section for cans, the beverage display options only give me “automatic, kegs, and glassware”. regardless of what I select the beverage only displays as a half barrel commercial keg. - I guess this is due to there not being an active keg of the beverage (because I canned it all)… wondering what the fix or workaround might be… be nice if you had some nice can artwork just like the glassware… or let me put my own image up… thanks… as always keep up the good work.

I want to bump this. I’ve been having the same issue. If I have everything as a keg, it will show logos. If I attempt to list beers as In the Fridge then all logos disappear. My work around was to list everything as a keg (add beverage, add beverage, add a keg, then add to menu) which is a decent bit of work if you have a wide selection.

Now I have a kegerator so I have actual taps as well as a beer fridge. Trying to mix the kegs and fridge listing breaks all logos. I can only toggle on drinkware/kegs or have nothing. I have ‘Show Logos’ checked but I just have a blank spot in the menu.

Sorry for the delay. We just pushed a fix and I think it resolves the issue here; namely, beverage logos not showing on web menus. Could y’all give things another look/try and let me know if anything is not as expected? Thanks!

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It looks like the web menu is displaying the logos for what’s in the fridge, but the taps are not displaying a logo. I tried toggling the illustrations on/off and it didn’t make a difference for the taps. Not sure if that is by design or not.

The OP and me are both using the Fire Stick App for Taplist though, and in the app it’s still not displaying the logos. Is the fix you pushed out something that can be applied to the Fire Stick app as well?

Update: I changed around my taps and the logos are displaying. It may have been something cached on my web browser. The app though still isn’t displaying any logos.

@mikey I am looking at the code on the configuration for the TV Settings, and what I see is that the ‘Show Logos’ and ‘Show Kegs’ options both add in the DIV for ‘taplist-row-small-block’. However, only ‘Show Kegs’ populates the DIV with HTML code. ‘Show Logos’ just has a blank DIV with no code inside it, like it doesn’t know what to add or just never tries.

That is for the non-keg entries. The kegs do show a logo, but I didn’t check the code there to see what is added. For me I have kegs and beers In the Fridge in my menu.

I don’t see any change in behavior at this point.
Perhaps the best way to solve this would be to create some new keg type options for us… 12 OZ and 16 OZ kegs with appropriate images… that would work for me…


Thanks for your patience helping me nail this one down.

This is definitely one of the parts of the application that could work a lot more intuitively. (Basically there are some old behaviors, from before we had illustrations, that some sites depend on; which we need to migrate away from).

Ok: An additional fix (hopefully the last?) has been deployed. @jdhumenick I believe this will resolve the issue you’re seeing. @bradley.jim you may need to tick on Show logos on your display settings first, as without that many themes will only show illustrations. If still not working as expected, please shout here!

@mikey It looks good. I have taps and bottles in my menu, and the app is now showing logos for all of them in the app on my Fire Stick. Thanks for fixing that!

YES! this is now working. thank you Mikey… really appreciate how you hear us and strive to get things working…

Note to anyone else trying this, i had to reboot my PI to get it to accept the “show logos” change for the cans. worked for everything else, just not the alternate menu items that are not taps.

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Thanks for the confirmation!

Hmm, you should never have to reboot (of course, it shouldn’t hurt either), instant updates should work for everything. I will look into that!