List bottles and count

Would it be possible to, instead of defaulting to a keg on tap, have a choice of displaying the beer as bottles and/or cans and have a count?

For example, “Random IPA [3 bottles left]”.

Perhaps expanding on that, once a 0 count is reached, automatically remove the beer from the list?


I just use custom images for my bottles, although I do for kegs as well, and append ‘[BOTTLE]’ at the end. There is a related comment I added about API access here - Interested in API access?

What would be the means of deducting a bottle in your mind? How does the inventory get changed, would you manually update this on the website or use some other method?

Yup, you can even do images of soda cans, wine bottles etc. The count would be pretty labor intensive you would think.

It would be a nice feature, however, I’m not sure how they’d be able to integrate it. You’d have to first assume the account has a digital Point Of Sale system and frequently track and input inventory. In order for the app to have that capability, the POS System would first need to have the integration software to outside programs.