Layout Options - "landscape only" ?!

When I am in the “layout” section I am only permitted teh Landscape mode. “Layout: Landscape Only”
Ive tried a few different presets and it still wont let me click that drop down to choose Portrait.
I must be missing something.
Orientation is “Normal” and changing it there, rotate clockwise…etc doesnt change anyting

Not all themes support portrait mode. You will want to try a different theme, such as Simple Portrait, in the “layout” section:

I was pretty sure that choosing a theme that supported portrait was necessary.
Maube I have a bigger/different issue.
Currently layout is “simple portrait” (sticking to that one for now) and the display preview on the dashboard shows this.
However my firestick/monitor behind me is still showing the landscape layout.
Options, Text, Fonts can all be changed and updated but layout is still landscape even though it shows portrait in the Dasboard

You also need to configure the display to be rotated, which you can do here:

  1. Go to displays:
  2. Find your display and click on it
  3. Update orientation and save

You may need to refresh your display after saving this setting. On a Fire stick, press the menu button then reload.

Restarting the app (reloading) did it.
Thank you sir

Thanks for confirming! BTW - that is a (small) bug; you should never have to “reach for the remote”, reloads should be automatic. Will get 'er quashed.

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