Larger Keg descriptions?

I only run 2 taps and I end up with all this empty space at the bottom. And the keg descriptions are longer than can fit in the small windows. Any chance we can get it to auto fill the screen so we dont have that blank space at the bottom and longer descriptions will fill in?

Issue acknowledged! This can definitely be improved upon.

There’s a whole bunch of layout work I need to finish, that will make this look much better. I’m moving this to “Feature Requests” and will close it out once live. Thanks!

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Hi. I second that. Longer descriptions that don’t truncate early would be great! Nevertheless, thanks for a fantastic product!

Hello all, this feature is finally implemented.

To preserve backwards compatibility, short descriptions are “on” by default, but now you can remove that restriction. Uncheck the new option to use longer descriptions:


Note: You may need to manually reload your display in order for this to take effect the first time.

Hello! I have one longer description that keeps getting truncated in my configured display but I can’t find the “shorten long descriptions” checkbox to un-check. It doesn’t seem to be in the options for the Grid format that I’m looking to use (since the grid format is the only one so far that displays the amount of beer remaining in the keg (via Plaato Keg).
Am I missing something? It works just fine in the Web View, just not the dedicated display.

Mentioned it to @brookfiem elsewhere, so to close the loop here: Yes, this option (“Shorten long descriptions”) was not exposed on the Grid theme. It is now!