Kegtron pro integration

Was using PLAATO keg to display my keg levels until condensation built up in the scales and took them out one by one. Now I have purchased the kegtron pro setup. Is there anyway to integrate the api?

The Kegtron people need to do some work to integrate. It’s very straightforward but not something we can do ourselves.

We gave the Kegtron folks full API access and docs a long time ago, even before it was public, but they disappeared and as far as I know never did the work. (Plaato on the other hand was only too happy, hence its popularity here.)

As a kegtron customer, your best bet is to reach out to them and tell them you want an integration! Docs are here: HOWTO: Change keg levels using the API

I have started to have the same issue with the Plaato Kegs and was thinking about changing to Kegtron as well. Have not gone that far yet though.

It is really frustrating. I took the scales apart and each one has two compartments with yellow covers. The boards are under those covers and it is made “waterproof” via a tiny o-ring. The power pcb is coated but the other is not and on all 6 scales I had those compartments were full of water. If I knew what I know now I would take them apart and cover the pcb’s with grease or since the compartments seal up pretty well fill them with mineral oil.

If you’re DIY-handy - Kegtron is like a closed-source Kegbot. We could post some instructions for integrating the two if there is interest.

The Kegtron Gen 1 product line is Bluetooth (BLE)-based - much like a Tilt hydrometer. This means it cannot talk directly to the web via a conventional API as it does not have a IP connection. To do that requires a purpose-built BLE-to-WiFi bridge. Without that, a Kegtron Gen 1 - Taplist integration is not feasible.

To Mikey’s credit he’s done a great job making the API available for quite some time. For those wishing to take on the task of building your own bridge (e.g. with a Raspberry Pi) we have published our BLE spec on our site.

If/when an off-the-shelf bridge is available we’ll be sure to announce it here.

@bradleym734 Kegtron Pro has an open REST API that can be used to access any of your keg monitor stats.

I believe (but not certain) that Taplist wants you to push data to its API endpoint in most cases but if it is possible for Taplist to pull data from an external endpoint (like the Kegtron Pro API) then there may be a very straightforward solution here.

@mikey - Can you comment if Taplist can poll a 3rd party API or use WebSockets to consume keg level data?

We can, do you have example auth creds which we could use to examine feasibility? Ideally we could test with > 1 token as it looks like we’ll need to open and mux among as many connections as we have tokens.

That’s great to hear. With Kegtron Pro you only need a single user API key and a single connection to get stats for all the kegs associated with that user (even if it covers many physical devices).

We’ll follow-up offline with details for you to check out.

Our side would need to host as many connections as we have customers using the integration, which is the part we’d eventually need to test (i.e. have more than one “fake” token/customer).

Roger that. PM’d details - thanks for your help!

Update! Thanks to help from @kegtron, we’ve got an integration with Kegtron Pro almost ready. It’s a lot of fun.

Call for testers: Do you have an active Kegtron Pro system and would you be interested in beta testing? Please reply here (or and we’ll get in touch.

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