Wi-Fi IoT (Internet of Things) Keg Monitor

Sure, @mikey! Here’s my Wi-Fi IoT (Internet of Things) Keg Monitor …

In a nutshell, it’s a $2.50 ESP8266 NodeMCU and a $3.50 flow meter … about $15 in parts total with a $1.50 custom PCB and fancy water-resistant packaging (including shipping from Alibaba, AliExpress and JLCPCB).

The “cloud” depicted in the logical architecture diagram is actually the cloud. Blynk is the same IoT platform used by the Plaato Airlock and Plaato Keg.

@mikey was kind enough to give me access to the API Beta on January 23, 2019. It took me about a day to integrate my keg monitor. I agree with @mikey … given the current state of the API, it shouldn’t take Plaato more than an hour.

The screenshots of my smartphone / tablet app reflect an early beta. I’ve since added support for,

  • One-Click Tweet Newly Tapped Beverage - Send a tweet with a detailed description (from of a newly tapped beverage simply by clicking a button
  • Low-Volume E-mail, Text and Smartphone / Tablet Notifications - Receive an E-mail, Text and / or pop-up notification on your smartphone / tablet when a keg reaches a configurable low-volume threshold
  • Chart Live and Historical Pour Size and Keg Volume Data
  • Export Historical Data - Configure and customize data reports in CSV format

Of course, you don’t need a fancy IoT platform and smartphone / tablet app to integrate your homegrown keg monitor with You can simply hardcode your local wi-fi network name (SSID), password (if any), auth token and tap number in your wi-fi microcontroller firmware. As @mikey (and Ron Popeil) likes to say, “Set it and forget it.”

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Really cool write-up and setup, Joe! Thanks for sharing.

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