Kegcop build and integration

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Decided to start a new thread on this and document as i go, as a previous post the available commercial options are not going to work for me , mainly down to cost for independent monitoring of 4 taps and possibly up to 8 kegs, I tried a Plato but couldn’t get a reliable wifi connection (in my shed) so it was slow or unreliable to update

Another forum member suggested Kegcop which is an open source and fairly low cost flow monitor that can be configured for up to nine taps which more than suits my needs and will also send the pour data into taplist

My system is 4 taps fed from kegs in a commercial fridge , two of them also go through a chiller. The fridge has a fairly accurate temp display so I know the starting temp . I want to measure each pour from all four taps and if possible also have the temp at each tap displayed ( not sure if that is possible, but it’s easy to add the temp probes at build stage so will just see how that goes


Part 1 sourcing parts

The Kegcop documentation makes recommendations for parts and where to source. I have gone with 2 parts orders so far. The docs list Mauser BOMs for the connectors and small electronic parts then another order from Ali express for the temp sensors , controller and flow meters .

Still have to source the circuit boards, details are given for a U.S. company so will look at costs to have them built in the uk

Sourcing parts 2

To be fair I didn’t spend a lot of time on this, the UK pcb fab houses all seemed to want quantities of 10 so went with Osh park as recommended by the designer, they ship worldwide free if you don’t mind waiting a few weeks.

So that should be everything now apart from some cat 5 cables which I have and the cases which I can 3d print.

So far costs are around £120 in total but

As the shipping of parts takes so long I have ordered spares of most things in case any are DOA and osh park do minimum quantity of 3 so I should have enough so I don’t need to reorder if I am clumsy with the soldering iron

I have a controller coming from Amazon in the next day or two so I can test load the software ahead of all the other parts arriving, I am assuming I will be able to test the taplist integration without the flow meters and temp sensors


First problem

Installed the keg cop software on an esp32 board today, used brewflasher to install the latest kegcop version. It took a couple of goes to get it to join my wifi network , the documentation specified adding an ip address but I found out just leaving it blank it picks up a DHCP address. This could be the source of the problem. It would not connect to my wifi with a static address but what I don’t know at this point if the static address is needed for kegcop to talk to the taplist api and probably a question for lee at kegcop

I have configured the taplist settings into kegcop but at the moment taplist is not getting the data , at the minute it’s just a bare esp32 board without flow meters or temp sensors I am presuming as the volume and key size is manually set within kegcop then it should try to push this to taplist the flow meters are only there to automate those settings


Is there a way to check that kegcop is pushing data to the taplist api , so I can figure out if kegcop is not sending or taplist is not receiving- I guess the other possibility is taplist is listening and kegcop is sending but it’s getting lost somewhere on route

Second question , if the keg size , name and remaining volume is all configured in kegcop once the integration is working does the taplist keg database become redundant or do I need to create matching entries in both systems and the api will only process the changes to a keg it recognises

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Thanks for sharing your mod! I know someone will stumble upon it and find it useful. I’m not too familiar with that project, but will try to help where I can.

Yes: From the API keys page, you can see the date we last saw a request from that key, under the Last Used column. For a new key, if it it’s unused or not updating, that indicates a problem with the sender.

When you select a keg size in (e.g. while tapping a keg), it is used to bootstrap the initial total_volume_ml setting for that keg. That’s the main way our built-in “keg size database” is used. But this value, along with served_volume_ml, can be changed through the API. See this topic for a brief exploration of how.

Thanks Mikey

I think i am starting to get it , I am not seeing the key being used but also been chatting to the guys on the kegcop build forum and it sounds like the data push is triggered when a pour is made , which will be the served_volume_ml value so without the flow meters to record the volume its never going to trigger.

I was incorrectly thinking that with just the esp32 board and software that taplist would become aware but the more i think about it for that to work then there would need to be periodic updates to the API and that makes no sense as there could be no updates for days or even weeks depending on usage so why would the apps be chattering all the time , a trigger makes perfect sense , i just dont have that trigger yet

So if i have understood this correctly then taplist doesnt care or know anything about the keg volume or name in kegcop and doesnt need too , this is all configured within the taplist keg database and there is no link or API push/pull between the two - but the important part is the “served_volume_ml” is pushed from kegcop into taplist which then does the full volume - served volume calculation and updates the display