Keg Shuffling Ability?

I’m not sure if this is truly a feature request or if you can already do it BUT I’m kegging a Blonde Ale tomorrow night. I’ve already set it up as On Deck in my dashboard and I’m going to put it in my kegerator to carb up. Problem is my kegerator is full currently, 2 of the kegs are brand new, and the other 2 are at least 1/3 full. Is there a way to pull a keg from a tap and move it back to the keg room or on deck slots? The keg that gets pulled isn’t empty and it will go back in eventually. I’d be great to be able to rotate out active kegs for other kegs w/o killing them. Thoughts?

I think I solved my own issue with this post would be nice though if you could like move to another tap and when you did that keg room was an option or something like that.

Great idea! You can now do exactly this, from the “Move keg” button/menu.

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Awesome! Thanks Mikey, Used this Saturday night when I moved my Cider out and my Blonde in to the Kegerator. Appreciate the fix!