Keg number displayed in Keg Room List

would it be possible to display Keg Number in Keg Room List? It would be pretty easier for my staff to select the right keg in the list, when there are 2 or 3 kegs of the same beer, but in different keg size.


Nice easy idea - done! (Only in the new dashboard.)

Good job! But it think I wasn’t clear enough in my request… It wasn’t about “tap number” but “keg number”… When I create a keg in the keg room, there’s a absolute keg number created (ex.: In my real keg room, I can have 3 kegs of the same beer, in 3 different sizes (50L, 30L, 20L) When I create a keg in taplist, I assign it the good volume for each. I would like to write that number directly on my keg cap, so my barmen can select the right keg in “Keg Room”, according to the same number in taplist. If they can see the absolute keg number under the beer name (as you did with the tap number) that would be awesome.

Thank you very much for that quick response!


Oh, well, that makes a whole lot of sense too… I shouldn’t read so fast!

Un-resolving, but should be able to crack this out soon.

Thank you very much!

By the way, this old feature request (I guess I filed it!) sounds closely related: Custom IDs for kegs … might tackle them together.

last year, I was asking if it would be possible to add Custom IDs on kegs. An easy way to do so would be to use the keg number created when you add it to the kegroom. You could display this Keg ID the same way you display the Tap Number. Is it possible to do so? It would be great to use taplist to manage the actual keg room by identifing the good keg to connect for staff (when you have 4 kegs of the same beer and want employees to connect to good one). Thanks!