Keg Location information

I currently support kegs on tap in my taproom Scotty’s 22-Brew, as well as the neighboring bar Catch-22. We both share the same Kegroom since I brew the beer. When kegs are listed for my beverages, I see the index number which helps me identify which kegs the bar has tapped (because they never tell me when they tap a new keg) but I don’t know which location is using that keg. If I am viewing Scotty’s 22-Brew and I try to view a Keg at the Catch-22 location, the application produces an error message. This also happens vice versa when I an viewing the Catch-22 tap list. If you could add the location in addition to the keg index number I could avoid causing that error.

Interesting situation, Scotty! I definitely think we can make this easier.

Right now, you have to be “in” that location (from the drop-down location switcher) in order to view location-specific things, like kegs. Else you get an error. At the very least, I think we could show a “Switch to the other location to view <keg>?” sort of warning.

I’m curious if there’s more to your original goal here… Are you looking to get a better “global” view of kegs at all locations? Would some sort of email notification when a keg is created/tapped (both? either?) be helpful…?

Hello Mikey,

Yes. This is a situation. The bar likes to tap a Scotty’s 22-Brew keg whenever they want and pay later. They have made it my responsibility to keep track of their use. Fair enough. I can do that using the taplist_io index numbers. Now i know what kegs are on tap in the brewery, and which ones the bar has used. I can list the keg ID on each invoice and keep track of bar sales - or any other keg sales more efficiently. It can get confusing pretty quickly when there are 30+ brewery kegs in the kegroom!
The keg list on the Beverage screen would be better for me if, instead of listing the index and beverage, it showed only the index and the location and maybe the status. I dunno, it just seems like this is already heading down the path for keg inventory tracking.