Keg Levels no longer displaying

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. I’m using the Grid layout and just noticed that they disappeared in the last day or two…

  • Plaatos are working properly and reporting accurate volumes via the Plaato app on my iPhone
  • When selecting Manage Taps from Your Menu screen proper volumes are shown on keg images
  • Checking Integrations under Account shows that all my Plaatos are online and updating
  • I have toggled Display settings on and off and tried setting them to different display units (Gallons, Pints, Meter, etc.)
  • I have cleared my cache and data on the Amazon TV for Taplist and rebooted the TV

Makes me think this is simply a display issue that got borked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @harten74 - sorry about that! We did have a little glitch specific to the Grid theme & keg volumes, for about an hour or two this morning. Should be fixed now. Would you mind reloading and seeing if everything is back to normal?

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Thanks! Mikey! All is well!!!