Javascript error in embedded widget code

Hi, we’re trying to get this set up on a website, I see the web options have both an iframe and an embedded widget code.

I’m assuming the widget code would generate html that we’d be able to style with css, and would eliminate some iframe sizing / scrolling issues, so we’d prefer to go that route, but any time we try to embed it, it breaks with a javascript error:

embed-v754-9811f90a2de3247cecb4.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) Error: src must be a string or an object describing the source
at t.n.init (embed-v754-9811f90a2de3247cecb4.js:1)
at t.e (embed-v754-9811f90a2de3247cecb4.js:1)
at new t (embed-v754-9811f90a2de3247cecb4.js:1)
at t.n.renderString (embed-v754-9811f90a2de3247cecb4.js:1)
at e.value (embed-v754-9811f90a2de3247cecb4.js:1)
at embed-v754-9811f90a2de3247cecb4.js:1
at u (embed-v754-9811f90a2de3247cecb4.js:1)
at Generator._invoke (embed-v754-9811f90a2de3247cecb4.js:1)
at Generator.forEach.e.<computed> [as next] (embed-v754-9811f90a2de3247cecb4.js:1)
at a (embed-v754-9811f90a2de3247cecb4.js:1)

This is using the “Widget (preferred)” code from the web settings. I’ve tried it inside our wordpress pages and in a separate blank php file, with the same result.

Hey Jake! Yikes - we will look into this. Might be a browser compatibility issue. Thanks for the flag.

Thanks for checking into it. I just saw the other forum post about the embedded widget and it looks like the example site from that post is throwing the same error (for me at least):

Hot on the trail! Thanks - that datapoint helps. We should have caught this in QA… testing a fix now, shall update when rolled out!

This is resolved! Please take another look, and my apologies for the bump in the road here.

Thanks again for the report. PS:

That’s the idea, yes! I should also add this is pretty new: my goal is to not change up the layout too much – only so much we can do while still keeping it “generic” – but if you see gaps, additional css selectors needed, etc, please chime in here. Safe to consider this feature a bit ‘beta’ until it gets some more usage.

Looks great, it’s working for us now. Well-structured, plenty of good classes, easy to style. Thanks!

Sweet! By the way, you are more the welcome to show off your work here any time, if you’d like!

have fun!

Thats just what I’m trying to do - full menu with only page scrolling to view ( a frame/box). I have only done simple CSS code to adjust sites - how did you do that? I have tried both the recommendations but never get it to scale out to the page for the whole menu, Thanks in advance!