Is the Beer Database pulled locally only?

From what I can tell, beers are not pulled from Untappd or Ratebeer and must all be entered manually, but I did see one forum post that seemed to imply they were pulled from Untappd. Regardless, I’m about to start adding a bunch and I don’t really want to do it manually if not necessary.

Basically I wanted to confirm that there is no pull from Untappd.

Would be interesting if there could be a community database (excluding homebrews by use of a checkbox) that would allow all users to share their entries and make this process easier.

You’re correct: Long ago there was experimental support for Untappd, however the feature was removed as this went from “side project with no users” from “slightly more popular side project with some users” :slight_smile: - we didn’t/don’t have an agreement to use other data sources, and I want to keep things above board.

That’s definitely an idea! While on one hand, I have a “do one thing and do it right” philosophy here, with that one thing being really great TV menus not yet another beer database… on the other hand it’d be easy to support. More importantly no one makes a community-moderated beer db that is available without licensing restriction, so maybe in a teeny tiny way we could give something back to the world, too… always liked that about the beer community.

I’ll add this to this list!

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That’s cool. Is there any way to bulk upload some beer info (eg import a CSV file)?

I should mention for me the purpose is simply to easily pull beer info when staff tap a new keg. I could care less about beer scoring, reviews and social sharing like UT.

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At first I was thinking the same thing, but after building up my own private database, I prefer it. For one, I know that the Logos all work well with my display background. I take the time to find and fix logos to use an alpha layer, and when I have to I invert colors etc. to make it work with the black/dark grey of the theme. Now I wouldn’t mind if someone was able to put my work to use, but the truth is I would have to change a lot of things to make it ‘universal’ Plus, now that I have ~30 brewers created with logos, it gets way less labor intensive as I am adding fewer new breweries as the database grows. Also, I’m using some fields ‘incorrectly’ in my database in order to display the info I want.

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