Is the API down or am I a N00B?

Hey there, I’ve just signed up to the free plan and copied my brewer’s friend API (I pay for brewer’s friend membership). I’ve tried to copy my API key into taplist, and then hit manual sync, I get a progress bar for 1 second when it disappears, no syncing happens. Does anyone know if I need to do anything or if the API is down?


Neither! :slight_smile:

Apologies for the rough edge: It looks like we’re receiving some unexpected errors from the Brewer’s Friend API, which is also the reason you’re not getting a more descriptive status in the dashboard.

We’re putting in a potential fix right now - should have an update for you momentarily.

Update: It looks like one of your brew sessions refers to a recipe that we’re unable to fetch, possibly because the recipe has been deleted.

After updating our syncer for this condition, looks like we’re pulling in one session now. Mind taking a look and seeing if anything looks amiss?

Perfect that’s working now, I also now realise in brewers friend in order for it to show you need to create the recipe AND brew it.

Amazing app, thanks for the support

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Ah, good to know! Can imagine others getting into that situation too, will see if we can at least document this better. Have fun!