Is it possible to add flow meters?

This would be a great feature!

Having the ability to see the fill state of kegs would be really great - it would make managing a steady supply of kegs in line with consumption much easier.

Two architectures have been proposed - one with the keg monitor talking directly to Taplist, and another with it talking to a Raspberry Pi, that is running the display for Taplist, and the pi in turn talking to Taplist.

There are likely to be multiple solutions for monitoring keg fill state, Kegtron, ordinary flow meters and the newly announced Plaato scale to name just three. Requiring the measurement device to have the intelligence to talk to Taplist directly seems a bit of overkill.

It would be much more efficient to have a number of relatively dumb meters talking to an intelligent box which forwards the info to Taplist. If this intelligent box could also act as the client for, and perhaps even provide the temperature control for a keezer/kegerator then it would be brilliant.

This model could potentially also allow a mixing of different fill-state sensor technologies within a single system while still talking to taplist.

Architecturally it’s not so different, as long as there is nothing in the system that prevents the monitor app being on the same physical hardware as the taplist display rendering.

It won’t matter to if you have a bunch of intelligent keg monitors or a bunch of dumb keg monitors behind a single “intelligent box” (or some combination thereof). won’t be able to tell the difference.

The keg monitor doesn’t “talk” to the display-rendering physical hardware. The keg monitor talks to the cloud. The cloud, in turn, talks to the display-rendering physical hardware. The display-rendering physical hardware may or may not possess the keg monitoring “intelligence”. That’s up to you.

With respect to the PLAATO KMS (Keg Monitoring System),

I don’t own a PLAATO Airlock, however, I’m intimately familiar with the platform on which it’s based. Suffice it to say, the PLAATO Airlock is “intelligent”. The KMS is also based on It would be trivial for PLAATO to directly integrate the KMS with If PLAATO opts not to directly integrate with, you’ll have to integrate the KMS with through yet another intelligent box.

I’d encourage you to introduce PLAATO to (assuming that introduction hasn’t already happened).

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Hi there @wbn. Thanks for the good answer. We will indeed add a possibility to integrate the new PLAATO Keg to, and will with the nature of the open API do what we can to make cool integrations.

We hope that as many as possible with help us to get the product a reality by supporting us on Kickstarter tomorrow :slight_smile:


Hey @paal - thanks for stopping by! Will be launching API soon and it would be very cool to get Plaato supported.

And good luck with the kickstarter! Having run my own a few years ago, I know how much work (and excitement) they can be. Pop me a DM if I can be of any help.


Thanks, @mikey! That sounds great. We would love to get it supported.
Ah, nice! That is not far from our thing.

I couldn’t figure out how to send a DM, so maybe you’ll send me one :smile:


I absolutely love this @paal ! I just put in my pledge for 4 of the Plaato Keg devices this morning and I’m an avid user of I can not wait to see this integration.

Looks like it only took about an hour to become fully funded, so congratulations!

Big update: You can now manage keg levels through our API!

Check out the HOWTO here, and more general API docs here (still work-in-progress).

Feel free to leave feedback and ideas for follow-on improvements to that thread or in the API forum. Closing this one as implemented!