Is it possible to add flow meters?



I’m wondering if it would be possible to include data from flow meters into the tap list? If I use a raspberry 3 that would record the data, could I have an up to date tap list?



This would be pretty cool, but would make sense to keep it basic- just have taplist keep track of volume- starting/current, and be able to update it via the API.

That would let people use whatever methodology they wanted to get the data (scales, flowmeters, manually update from a magnet level, etc) and pass it to taplist.


I love the idea! It’s something I’ve been deliberately holding back on, mostly to keep me from turning this into Kegbot 2.0 :slight_smile:

It’s probably still a little ways off, but the idea will be basically along the lines of what Tyler says:

  • Kegs will have a starting volume.
  • You can use an API or a UI to deduct from it.
  • Build sensors or controllers however you want (won’t be officially maintained by us though).

We can leave this feature request thread open to track this, but I’d expect this to be a few months out at the earliest.


I would love this feature, I plan on using a program called Brucontrol to do the flow monitoring. If could somehow pull this data and display it that would be great. Especially with an RSS feed integrated with Untappd.


Any progress in the area of flow meter support?



If there is interest from Mikey and the Taplist community, we here at Kegtron would like to offer our help.

Our keg monitors coupled with Taplist’s beautiful UI could be an interesting combo.

We’ll bring the peanut butter…

-Steve @ Kegtron


This is exactly what I was looking for, Steve … the marriage of and Kegtron. Of course, as Mikey (and tyler) pointed out, the API should be agnostic to the specific level-sensing methodology.

With the API in place, the Kegtron community should be able to help support users in connecting to the Kegtron wireless keg monitors (either through this forum and/or a Kegtron forum), minimizing the support workload on both Mikey and Steve.

Man, this is exciting. I think there will be tremendous interest in this across the broader brewing community. and Kegtron … a match made in heaven.



Hi Mikey,

I’ve put together a crude + Kegtron logical architecture diagram. It leverages the fact that: is supported on the Raspberry Pi 3; and the Raspberry Pi 3 has the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) support needed to communicate with the Kegtron Wireless Keg Monitor. I’m not sure I’ve depicted the proposed API correctly. If it’s incorrect, please let me know and I’ll correct the diagram. Also, I’ve depicted the Kegtron routine as a stand-alone process. Conceivably, it could be integrated into the app. I’ll leave that decision to you and Steve.

I’m anxious to hear your current thinking regarding keg level support.



Please make this happen it would help me a million times over. And if it would help me, I can only imagine how any others it would help.


I would also like a combination of Kegtron and Taplist. Please check if you can make it work :slight_smile:


Mikey has said he loves the idea, too!


I haven’t forgotten! :slight_smile: … Stay tuned.


Since the discussion is still going, It doesn’t need to be real time either which I think was mentioned above. If you could create a basic timer that counted down it would be perfect for me. For my home bar we will kill 1 of the 3 kegs I have on tap about every 6 months. So if a gauge was updated as a result of a basic timer I set it would work well. For example: 6 months is roughly 180 days so each day (or it could be another scale like week) the timer would decrease by roughly .5% and therefore the gauge would decrease by .5% total. I would love it if the 3d keg photos could drop their volume like digital pour does, but would settle for a “xx% remaining” column.