iPhone pictures not displaying correctly

Every photo I tried keeps coming up with the incorrect orientation. Is there a way to rotate photos?

As your profile picture here? As an inline image in a post? As image used within the actual taplist app? Sorry, not clear.

Basically this is a common issue with phone camera photos and other software where one relies on exif tag and the others don’t. The simplest way to correct it may be to have it displayed correctly on your screen and then screen cap and crop that. Otherwise you can try using image editing program that actually rotates it instead of just updating exif tag. Details here https://www.howtogeek.com/254830/why-your-photos-dont-always-appear-correctly-rotated/

As in image within my taplist itself. All of them appear to be in the incorrect orientation (header, pics for each beer etc) . Maybe I’ll try the good old hand held camera