Inventory features

I’m not sure whether this would meet the purpose of the app, but adding a distribution feature would be nice.

It could be as easy as making another kegroom but call it “kegs for distribution.”

Then when the kegs are picked up or.delivered you can end the kegs.

Having this feature would make it a full fledged inventory app.

Also the ability to export into Excel or CSV would be awesome for inventory reports.

CSV export has definitely come up before, we’ve tested it privately with a couple clients but could definitely open it up

For inventory, we’re thinking something like a labeling/tagging system: Tag kegs with as many free-form tags as you want; then be able to filter on those tags. Might work for your uses?

Honestly, that would be better than my original idea as it gives you more flexibility. I could see us tagging kegs for “Distro”, “Self Distro”, “Festival Use”, “Event Use” etc.

The CSV or excel would be excellent. We use google drive as our cloud storage among partners and being able to open in Google Sheets (Or Excel) would be awesome because you would be able to manipulate the data how you see fit.

Cool! Thanks for the quick feedback. I’ll see about getting this roadmapped, and leave open in Feature Requests in the meantime.