Interested in API access?

Hey folks - it’s really neat to see some hacking here! Please do be aware that:

  • Scraping the site is likely to break unexpectedly at any time
  • An official API is well underway & coming soon

Don’t want to dampen your creativity but just want to make sure expectations are properly calibrated before you go too far.

I’ve already implemented OG, FG , SRM and IBU. Hopefully they should now be working. :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look at the other issues when I get a chance. Thanks for the input. This was originally just an excuse to have a play with AWS lambdas but thought it might have wider use. Really appreciate the feedback!

Thanks Mikey! Yeah definitely hacking! :slight_smile: Screen scraping is always going to be brittle. It’s fun to have a play around with though. Thanks for the heads up!

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Looking good. It seems to pick up ABV, SRM, IBU, OG and FG. In the event one or more of the fields is missing for a given beverage, the corresponding field contains “Unknown”. Very nice.


:+1: For what it is, it just about does it’s job. As Mikey said, it could break at any time and certainly couldn’t be relied upon. The only guaranteed solution is to use the official API once it’s released. Probably acceptable for personal use but not robust enough to be implemented on the Brewdog website. :slight_smile:

Hi Mikey,

is there an alpha or beta API available yet? I would love to embed the list of beers in our website if it is available…I would be happy test provide feedback or even pay some sort of subscription for it.