Insignia 24" Fire TV - Works Great!

Just set up an Insignia 24" Fire Edition TV for my taplist. Purchased on Amazon for $99. Was pricing out TV and Firestick and this was the best option for both. Downloaded Taplist and was up and running in minutes. Added bonus - can stream Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, etc on brew days in the garage!!

That’s a useful report! Smart TVs vary, but if it’s got Fire TV support that’s way more likely to be compatible. Will love to see it in action once you get it all in place!

Here is my display in all of its beauty:

Over top of the kegerator:

Oh nice! Looks great - got that card background immediately in action too :+1::+1:

You know I don’t mess around! :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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This is the TV I use and it has done well lately. It was turning off after time but an update must have fixed the issue as it stays on steady now.

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Havent had that issue. Did have to do a hard reset at one point because it couldnt find my wifi - but that easily solved the issue. Great all around TV… not only does it handle my taplist, but I can watch sports, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc on brew days too!

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