Improvements to Dense and Jumbo themes

Hi folks! We’ve rolled out some improvements to the Dense and Jumbo themes, along with some new settings. Please give them a try!

Note: If you’re still using Griddy, now’s a great time to try Dense. We’ll be phasing out the Griddy soon in order to make way for some new improvements, so please let me know your feedback.

New feature: Select layout order

A top request, you can now choose whether taps are laid out right-to-left, or top to bottom.

Vertical layout (default):

Horizontal layout:

New feature: Stripes

You can now enable or disable alternating stripes on your layout rows. Here’s it enabled:


Some other additional improvements:

  • Dense theme rendering improvements when using 3 columns
  • Better handles taps with long descriptions
  • Better handling of very large tap lists
  • “On deck” kegs will always be rendered last

Thanks for any feedback - and Happy Thanksgiving!

Took me a while to figure out the right options to get it to be like it was in griddy and work with what I prefer, but this is an awesome improvement with a lot more flexibility. Thanks!!! My only suggestion is around the logo which I have other ideas around so will create a separate thread. Otherwise a SUPERB improvement, thanks again!

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Awesome, thanks for the feedback! Quite a few Griddy holdouts out there so, any feedback on things which aren’t as good in Dense is helpful!