Images not loading

I’ve been trying to upload images for the beverage database, however, nothing is completing the upload.

Hey Kevin! Hmm, we’re not seeing any general issue here. We will continue investigating. To confirm - you’re talking about changing a Beverage or Producer’s image directly in the beverage DB, correct?

Yes. I have never had a problem before until about 2 weeks ago. When I try to create or edit anything in the beverage database, the Image “Add or Select” button takes me to select Image with “Upload” or “Your Beverage Images” and when I “Drag or click image to upload” it takes me to my picture album. When I choose an image it takes me back to the same screen, and no images are there.

Bug found! It looks like Microsoft’s Edge browser didn’t support a particular browser feature out image uploader uses, causing a silent failure. We’re rolling out a fix now for both the bug and the reason the failure wasn’t reported to us. Thanks for the assist, @kevinfirepit!

I tried the reload, with no avail. I’ve logged out, logged back in again, refreshed, and even tried the hard reload another time. No luck yet.

Is this issue happening with anyone else? I’ve been trying to resolve this now for 3 weeks, and am still not able to upload new pictures.

Does ANYONE have any advice on fixing this problem? It’s been a few months now, and I have NO answers

Kevin, can you try with a browser other than Edge and confirm whether the issue persists?