Image upload problems [resolved]

We are investigating an issue where new image uploads are not rendering. Thank you for your patience.

Is anyone else seeing this - the pictures I’ve uploaded are either blank or showing broken links. When I go to the Pictures tab from the main page, it shows the images as broken links. I have about 5 pages of images and only 2/49 are showing correctly - the rest are broken links.

Attaching a screen shot:

Anyone have any suggestions?

On the main kegerator screen, the pictures show as blanks. On the URL version, they are broken links.

I have the same issue.

Same. Also, my existing kegs are working, but newly tapped beers, and newly created beers show broken image logo, even when uploading new producer logos.

Also, the images for the taplist show on the TV/Monitor but not on the PC when you go into Look and Feel.

Hi folks: The issue has been root caused and should be resolved. You may need to reload your display; editing taps or saving look & feel settings will do that.

Please report back if you’re seeing any ongoing issue (or even if not!)

My apologies for the trouble - a full analysis will be conducted and shared.

Looks good to me now - thanks for the quick turnaround and for a great product!