Image Hierarchy

I’d advocate four (independent) images,

  1. Tap Image - Independent of Producer and Beverage (i.e., doesn’t change with keg); Typically Tap Number Artwork (Refer to Tap Number Artwork Generator)
  2. Keg Image (if present), else Beverage Image (if present), else Producer Image (your proposal)
  3. Keg Level Image - Reflects: 1. Beverage SRM and Keg Level (Proportional); or 2. Keg Level (Proportional and Color = Green / Yellow / Orange / Red)
  4. Glassware Image - Reflects Beverage SRM and Type of Beer Glass (Refer to Pint Glass instead of Keg)

I think this is standard fare. I’ll refrain from mentioning an IBU Image (e.g., Proportional Hop Flower).

Here’s a keg level image which reflects the Beverage SRM and Proportional Keg Level,

Here’s a keg level image which reflects the keg level proportionally and using color (green / yellow / orange / red),

Of course, you should be able to enable / disable each of the images.

With the possible exception of the glassware image, all of these images are currently supported. Once Mikey enables the ability to Build, Customize and Share Themes, we should be set.